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Hey guys!

I just started riding and bought a 2003 SV650N in silver as my first. It has about 35k miles on it but still runs strong.

I recently took it to a local shop for an oil change, chain maintenance and to bleed and check the brakes. I would like to do these things myself once I get the space and the tools but I decided to let the pros handle it this time.

I got the bike back and I instantly noticed it was really smooth all the way through the rev range compared to how it was before, so I was happy. But, as I was riding it through the week I noticed I had lost quite a bit of top end power. I could notice it especially when merging onto highways. I had checked the oil level when I picked up the bike. It looked really clean but it was quite a bit past the Full line, but I figured they knew what they were doing (synthetic 10-40, I believe).

I took it back to them today and got them to suck some of the oil out and now it is right about midway between the two lines. I rode it around for a bit and I think it is back to normal. It sounds aggressive again like it used to.

So, am I imagining things? Is it possible for a bike to lose power from too much oil?


Edit: The oil sucked out was pretty dirty for only being a week old...
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