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Oil Filter List
From: Ethan Anderson

I have compiled a short list of compatible motorcycle and automotive oil filters for the SV650. While the stock Suzuki part is an excellent filter, some of these are better, and most are cheaper. I will be adding to the list as I find more, and If anyone else would like to add to the list, please feel free to do so.
EMGO 10-55660 (black)
10-55670   (chrome)
K&N 018-KN-138   (black)
018-KN-138C  (chrome)
Napa 1359
Perf-form J-509
Purolator ML16818
Suzuki 16510-34E00
Tokyo Roki LFS706
WIX 51359
Champion K301

SMF 109



Fram PH6018


From Gene Cash:

The FRAM Sure-Drain model "SD-3" fits the oil bolt thread. This is the little gizmo that lets you hook up a hose with a special fitting, and it doesn't drain until the special fitting is seated, so you don't get hot oil on your hands. It also means you no longer need a wrench, since you can unscrew the protective brass cap with your fingers.  It's like $8 and a nice thing to have. I've found them at Auto Zone, Pep Boy's, and Discount Auto Parts in Florida.

Also, the RiteFit size "G" 65mm 14 flute oil filter cap-style wrench from Pep Boys fits, and is a duplicate of the tool Suzuki sells (that my dealer can't find... thank god for Cycles of Denton!)

Thanks for the very nice website.