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Don't know if this has been done before, but give me some squidly things you have seen recently. I went downtown today and saw tons of bikes and squids. I'll start.

You know your a squid if you sit at a stoplight and continually bounce your cbr1000rr motor off the rev limiter.

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At least they have helmets
Sure they can use the skin from their face to graph onto the rest of their body and use the hair to implant back where they lose it.

You know your a squid if you judge how cool you are by how many bikes you have destroyed and how many times you have been in the hospital!


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you have a pink mohawk on your helmet
Saw this at the bike shop the other day...on some girl with painted eyebrows

Her man said, "YO MAN, IM'A GO COP A BIKE TODAY!"

With this said, Yes i understood what he was saying, but wasn't sure why he wanted to cop a bike....

Then he was having a debate on which alpinestars gloves looked the coolest on his hand. He had one on each hand and was like doing that "high eyebrow" gesture with his "Yo Bro" tude. haha squid.

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Got these from a website. (courtesy of

You might be a SQUID if:

You constantly "throttle tune" your bike at every red light

"You have to stop on the shoulder of an ON Ramp to unstrap the helmet from the side of your bike and actually put it on, because obviously Highway riding is so much more dangerous than riding down the street. I stopped with a kid who did this yesterday while cars were zipping by us at 60mph."

You have any fake animal fur (zebra, leopard, etc.) covering the plastic on your bike

You didn't know your bike came with a tool kit !

"You ride around with your full face helmet stuck on top of your head in such a way that the chin bar is resting squarely above your eyebrows."

You install race compound tires yet most of your rides consist of 10 minute jaunts across town in gridlock.

You grind down the feelers under the foot pegs with a bench grinder so people will think you can REALLY corner.

You're 100 lbs. overweight and complain that your bike just can't seem to hold that inside line.

You drive out of state to ride someplace where helmet laws aren't enforced.

Your rear sprocket closely resembles a radial saw blade.

Your brakes let out a spine tingling squeal every time you come to a stop at an intersection

You have all of your "sponsors" decals on your bike and patches on your leathers.

You've just installed a full titanium exhaust, racing cams, ported & polished the cylinder head, and K&N air filter on you new GSXR-1000, but for the life of you can't figure what happened to the choke knob on the dash.

You study those wacky British street bike magazines for articles on how to do stoppies, burnouts and wheelies. Yet the shop manual for your bike is still yet to be opened.

You installed a dry brake system on your gas tank because Team Yoshimura Suzuki used one at Daytona.

You don't use an O-ring chain.

You wear leathers with your name and number across the back, except you're not a racer.

Your helmet has a well known cartoon character on in.

You ever parked your bike on asphalt on a hot summer day and the kickstand dug into the soft pavement causing your bike to fall over.

Your helmet looks like standard issue for the 3rd Reich.

Your safety gear in the summer consists of a tank top, shorts and tennis shoes.

You ride in sandals

You bad mouth all "other" brands of bikes (and have never ridden them)

You tell anyone you have gone 160 on the street

Your "racing" jacket is from Wal-Mart.

You think Arai is Jamaican for OK

You don't have a clue what a Buell is

You bought a Sport bike and put saddlebags and a sissy bar on it so you can go to Sturgis.

You keep fouling plugs riding with the choke on

You have Harley stickers on your car and ride a Rebel

Your Mom and Dad won't ride with you

There is a crack in your helmet

You helmet is the wrong size

You ride with ANY safety features on your bike not working

You have a cup holder duct taped to your handlebars.
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