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You know the economy is bad when guys will pay women who look like this for sex...

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Headline: Seven are arrested in prostitution round-up.,0,3565502.story

Edit-Oh, and this is safe for work...just not safe for your eyes. ;)
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Paying for sex is pathetic enough. Paying for ugly sex is just nasty.
Welcome to Hampton Roads.
Wow. That's.... wow. People pay for that???

That makes my mind go :nuke:
Well for some reason, NO NEWS SITES WILL LOAD on my computer, so I can't enjoy this. :BangHead:
Can you see this?

PORTSMOUTH — - Police arrested seven women and charged them with prostitution during a two day undercover operation in Portsmouth.

Last Wednesday and again on Monday, the Portsmouth Police Department's Community Services Unit along with uniformed patrol officers combined resources to target prostitution in the city, police spokeswoman Det. Jan Westerbeck said.

In all 15 officers conducted undercover operations in the Mt. Hermon, Port Norfolk and Prentis Park sections of the city, Westerbeck said.

Police arrested seven women for solicitation for prostitution, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

They are: Valencia Collins, 29, of Hollywood Street, Suffolk; Jeanelle Malone, 30, of the High Street, Portsmouth; Tabatha Vreen, 42, of Centre Avenue, Portsmouth; Lavette Clark, 41, of Wool Avenue, Portsmouth; Arlene Wray, 48, of High Street, Portsmouth and Tanya Bowser, 41, of Darren Circle, Portsmouth. Jeanelle Malone was arrested during both operations. Wray was also charged with possession of cocaine.
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Someone pass the bleach!

I'm glad that I don't live on that side of the river.

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Did that last one get shot in the eye?
I'm willing to bet it's been several times.
<-------- With a Mack truck!
There are Ninja 250s and there a Ducati Desmos, along the same lines there are probably different classes of hookers. You got the 10k a night NYC bankers and then you got the change in your pocket and a meal in the morning type.

Lets not make fun of those Johns so down on the luck that they need to shop at the dollar store discount bin ;P
Imagine what the men look like who pay for those women.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Only if they were completely blitzed on drugs or something.

Actually, a few years ago I lived in a high rise that had a high-class call girl living there. She was nothing like those lovely ladies. Sad thing was that about every so often the cops would show up because the john would beat her up.
i started thinkin censorship is a GOOD thing sometimes ....
me thinks that the only people that would offer to pay money for sex with them are undercover cops

are cops that hard up? why can't they bust real hookers?

sounds like entrapment to me
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