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A curiosity I saw today.

I have a Yoshimura stainless steel slip-on (in my 2002 SV).
A friend has a 2001 SV, and just got a full system from eBay (used). He asked me for a hand to install it, so today I rode over to his place.

I have heard several times in the past that (most if not all) exhausts manufacturers make the same can (muffler) for different bikes, and only the elbows and connector pipes are specific for each bike.

Well, it looks like Yoshimura took the extra step to make the can for the slip-on and the full system different and specific to each one. But it doesn't make sense, it would be more expensive and a good selling point that they are not using.

Both my slip-on and the full system are rs-3, both with race baffle. My slip-on is SS, and the full system is Ti. They look exactly the same size and shape in the outside, but the full system can is so much lighter than mine. I thought it was only the material it is made of, but the difference in weight is dramatic. Looking at it closely it appears to have a bigger internal hole (or smaller walls /packing) than my slip-on. It makes more noise than my slip-on.

Has anyone else seen the same in Yoshimura or any other manufacturer? Does it make sense?

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