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I've been reading many, many threads concerning SV's that are missing, dropping cylinders, etc. I am having a similar situation as well.

A little background
Mid-February I was at CMP doing a couple track days. End of the day Sunday I started experiencing a miss on the first lap of each session. Once it sputterd, it cleared up and all was well. During the very last session the bike started to miss and never recovered. The misses were longer and more frequent (dropping the front cylinder). One other thing that happend was my speedometer stopped working and I wasn't recording any mileage. Turns out my speedo rotor at the front wheel was trashed. I have a new one on order to fix this issue. I initially thought the sputtering and speedo issue were related.

I've tested the battery with a multimeter and all is well on that front. I pulled the front plug wire and there did seem to be some moisture in there. I cleaned off the moisture as best I could and reinstalled it. The spark plug itself looked fine. I also removed the carbs and they were clean as could be.

Now on the street in two successive rides the bike will run flawless for roughly 30 minutes give or take then all of a sudden it will start missing and sputtering again. Normally this occurs around 5,000 RPM's give or a take. This leads me to believe I have a connection that comes loose or something? I had removed and reinstalled all the connections I could get to knowing this could be an issue.

At this point I don't know where to look. I think my next attempt may be to use dielectric grease on all the connections.

Am I going about this the right way?
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