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hey guys (& gals), new sv convert here.  after a bandit 600, ninja zx9r, & a short foray on a honda shadow cruiser, i realized after getting my 05 650n how much i've missed out on.  everything said about it is true (as you all well know) - from the v-twin torque to the nimble handling to the cheesy sounding exhaust, unfortunately.  no doubt due to the stock can's increased volume for the 04/05's.
i know its probably been asked a coupla million times already but i hope 1 more time won't bug everybody - deciding w/s "slip-on" to slip on.  my priorities are sound & looks & not so much about power.  will different finishes (carbon fiber, titanium, ss, etc.) have varying degrees of loudness?  pls. correct me if i'm wrong but i think i read somewhere that carbon cans can be louder than others in the same model.  i'm leaning toward a carbon can to match the black frame & swingarm but not if its obnoxiously loud.  just enough to let out that v-twin growl the way its meant to be heard.  i've read a lot of good things about m4, yosh, leo vince, scorpion for the sv & have narrowed down dealers to indysuperbikes, pipe city, & star cycle.  that is until i read the thread re: star cycle's very poor customer service.  i also know of some problems w/ mid-pipe fitment issues for 2003/04/05.  thanks a lot for any input & patience for this newby.  8)

VeeRoost said:
i also know of some problems w/ mid-pipe fitment issues for 2003/04/05.
I have a carbon fiber yosh. trs trioval race exhaust in front of me know I"ll be installing it in the morning I'll let you know how the mid pipe match up goes, and how it sounds I haven't heard an opinion or sound clip of this exhaust yet but like I said I'll post the results.
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