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I recently got back into the country and was gifted/lent a pretty thrashed 2004 SV650S to ride that needs some work to make it roadworthy on a pretty tight budget. All of the items listed below are either missing or non-functioning. I'm looking for somebody who has converted their SV650S to a trackbike, and/or has some minor damage that has already been replaced. This is all stuff that would just be sitting around.

Left and right mirrors
Rear brake pedal
Front brake reservoir and mount
Left and right front turn signals
525 chain and sprockets
Oil filters
Brake pads front and rear

Yeah, the bike is kind of a basket case, but it's from a good friend so I don't mind putting a little work in. I get free usage for as long as I want it and I really won't have to worry about it at all. It's my only transport, so I've got to get this done and will come by and pick up parts when it's convenient for you.

Thanks for helping me out or passing this posting on.

I can be reached by email or txt/call at FourOneFive 7O2 8944.

Many thanks!
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