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Apparently the toolkit that came with my bike has a sparkplug socket thats too big for the spark plug! it will not go into the hole
I guess that's possible, but it does seem unlikely. Are you certain that you're actually using the spark plug wrench and not one of the other tools? I seem to remember that the toolkit includes an axle wrench which is vaguely spark plug wrench looking (in that they're all just slightly shaped tubes...) The spark plug wrench is two joined tubes that are pinned together.

i need a 5/8's but all of the ones at autozone/auto parts are small!
You do want a 5/8" socket, but it's going to recess into the hole quite a bit.

Also, if i get an extension, its too long for the 5/8 socket to get into the hole from the radiator side and i can only strecth the readiator out so far, how do i accomplish this without having to flush the coolant just to change a spark plug!?
Yeah, that's great, isn't it? I use a 5/8" spark plug socket along with a 3 inch extension. I wedge a 2x4 between the radiator and the front cylinder which gives me just enough space to work with, but it's a near thing.

I assume the engineers had much smaller hands that I have, or were comfortable putting the radiator hoses under more tension than I am.

Also, once i change the spark plugs, and start the bike, how will i know if one of them is bad?
"Bad" as in not causing the cylinder to fire? It'll run rough, sound odd, and the exhaust header will be cold. If "bad" just means "not quite right", it'll run rough.

Every time I've changed out my plugs, it seems to have more power and run smoother.
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