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Working on Saturday...

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I'd rather dig my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.

Anyone else have to work weekends?
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Not if I can help it.

I got repremanded for not working a Saturday a few months ago.:mad:

My bosses can't understand why I don't like "the gift of overtime" I just have

other things in my life I would like to do.
every chance I get, plus my 3rd job on most sunday nights
I usually have a class Sat from 9-1:30, Got a sub this week so I can go take MSF. Nothing worse than getting up early on a Sat to teach GD&T to people who have no idea what your talking about.
Be happy to have a job
I have to work at least one Saturday a month. Tomorrow isn't my Saturday, thankfully.
Be happy to have a job
Oh, I am... just be nice to have a little down time to work on the SV. Right now, I'm working every Saturday, which kills mod time... not happy about that, but it could be worse.
I guess the weather isn't too bad for riding.
I worked 70 hours a week so that I could buy my SV outright. So yeah, I kinda feel your pain bud. Luckily, the current gig is 9 to 5. But I do miss that extra income sometimes.
Hi, Jason!

Hope to have some spare time for X-Box soon... Haven't been on in a long time. :(
Quitcherbishin'. Working a Saturday is no different than any other day.
Not me! ;D

Not real busy anymore these days, hardly ever get to work overtime.

Kinda miss the extra money. :(
I work every weekend untill some people, A: Die B: Quit or C: we hire more, im leaning towards A and B
Dont ever work weekends, and don't want to.
OK, break time is over. Back to work. :)
Quitcherbishin'. Working a Saturday is no different than any other day.

work Saturdays at the dealership and will do photoshoots on Sunday.
I've been working some Saturdays recently. Going to 10 hour days next week and probably 2 Saturdays a month soon. I'm just glad to have a job.
I'll put in some crazy hours during the week but I think I've only ever gone in on a weekend once or twice.
Sometimes. I'm posting this from my office laptop. In my office.
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