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i'm from up in minnesota and need to start thinking ahead to bike storage and the winter months. earlier this spring i purchased 2004 SV650S -- everything is stock although i wanted to do some modifications i just ran out of time and money.

this was my first season motorcycling and i've glanced around the web board here briefly for some tips and tricks that any of you folks might care to share about how to properly winterize and store the bike for the winter months.

if there is already a post somewhere here on this -- or if anybody would care to share their expertise or thoughts on such a topic that would be fabulous.



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Fill the tank and add Sta-bil to the fuel and run the engine for 5-10 minutes to make sure it's all through the fuel system.
Drain the oil and fill the crankcase up to filler hole with fresh oil (you will drain the crankcase and change the filter and fill it the correct amt in the spring).
Clean the bike
Put an oily rag in the muffler hole to keep out moisture and critters
Clean and lube the chain.
I hook up a battery tender every couple of weeks to make sure it's charged.
If you have stands, use them, otherwise, roll the bike around a couple of feet to make sure that it's not sitting on the same tire contact patch all winter.

The manual says to remove the plugs and pour a tablespoon of oil down the plug holes - I've never done this, but that's what it says

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Has anyone done the oil in the plugs routine? My bike is going to be in a warm garage all winter. I do not know that I need to perform this step. I can see making sure the plug is clean and has the proper clearance but beyond that?
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