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No one in my immediate family can appreciate this, so I gotta share it with someone. Lucky you! I'm calling this one "done," because every other cent I plan to spend is either gear (helmet, maybe leathers), trips, or routine maintenance.

Without further ado, here is my attempt at the perfect sport commuter/tourer. (Complete list of mods follows.)

Performance mods:
Remus Powercone, custom fit
Traxxion Dynamics springs & damper kit
GSXR shock
1" raising links (dog bones)
SS front brake lines w/speed bleeders

Comfort mods:
Laminar Lip windscreen
SW-Motech 1" handlebar risers
DL650 (V-Strom) hand guards
Spencer's seat mod
Luggage Locker rear seat pack (not pictured)

Appearance mods:
Ride Engineering fender eliminator
Short stalk halogen turn signals
LED license plate bolts
Various painted bits: exhaust pipes, mirrors, headlight brackets, radiator protectors, rear sets (minus pedals & pegs), passenger pegs.

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Thanks. Bought the bike used, and luckily for me the Remus was already on it. It's actually what sold me on the bike. I was undecided between the SV and the FZ-6, but once I heard this one fire up, I knew on the spot that I had to have it.

Looked up the Remus online just so I would have it for insurance purposes. I already knew it was meant for an R6, so it wasn't too hard to source it. Here's the link:,DB_brand=Yamaha

Look about 2/3 down the page for the 06 R6 stainless Powercone. (If you click on the photo link for the titanium sleeve, the photo of the stainless actually comes up.) Cost is $399. It was custom fitted, but I guesstimate the cost of that is less than $100 at a decent muffler shop.
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