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Why You Have the Best Spouse In The World

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So I got the idea reading a thread on the Multistrada Forum where everyone was talking about how they have the best wife on the planet because she let him do "X".

So I thought, that could be a good thread all on its own.

Fill in the blank "I have the best wife/husband in the world because _____________ "

I'll start;

Because she shares my "addiction" with me, has bought me more motorcycles than I care to remember and rarely complains about spending money on motorcycles. Plus this be the two of us:

Oh and she let me have the "S" model Multistrada. :)

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She puts up with my [email protected]

Well for the past 6 years she has put up with it.
I was thinking more along the lines of "motorcycle specific" reasons. :)

I have one like that:

The best thing about her? She puts up with me. ;D
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My wife is so patient. She is my best friend. She takes time to do things right, and takes pride in her work. She is creative, beautiful, and talented. The ONE thing we don't have in common is motorcycles. She tolerates my riding, but fears for my safety. She is exactly what I need, and I truly don't deserve to be so fortunate. Thank God for love :)
Lucky guys......
I've got lots of reasons;

When I ride by myself she tells me to be careful. But when she's on the back she tells me to go fast!

I took her around Barber at an STT trackday in the rain and she wasn't scared.

Then, 6 months after we lost everything in Katrina, while she was 3 months pregnant, she let me buy a Ducati Monster S2R 1000 to replace the S4R I lost.

And when she was 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child she let me buy another SV track bike.

Plus, she runs marathons, races mountain bikes, and can drop most guys in a cycling paceline when she pulls.

And she's cute......
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Because taking up riding was HER suggestion...
She tolerates my riding, but fears for my safety. She is exactly what I need, and I truly don't deserve to be so fortunate. Thank God for love :)
That's kind of funny, it's the exact opposite for me. Before Looshia got into bikes I was a complete squid. When she started riding, of course I wanted her to be safe, but if I was going to insist on her wearing gear and riding responsibly I needed to walk the walk myself. So because she got into riding, I have become safer and more responsible rider.
She told me to go get a new bike when I broke my old one. She also got me heated grips for christmas. She's also good at letting me do the riding when she's on the back (ya know how some girls like to lean for you or try and look past you or...).

And she looks like this:
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The best thing about her? She puts up with me. ;D
:iamwithstupid: x a super gajillion.

My wife has no interest in riding, or being a passenger. Although, she is the one that found the SV that I bought. And she doesn't have a cow when I buy parts/gear/tools.

.......and I have an endless supply of baked goods. :D

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because even though she's terrified for me, she knows I love riding and won't ever try to stop me.
Because although she doesn't share my addiction with riding, she supports it. She fears for my safety, but never asks me to stop. She deals with my annoying crap and makes me smile. She likes to spoil me, which I completely don't deserve. She's the reason I have an M4 CF slip on, ZX10 shock, Scorpion Exo pants, and a PS3. :)
I have an awesome wife because she's my neighbors and I give her back when I'm done.
When she was 6 months pregnant she supported me getting my SV. She's not crazy about it but she knows I'm a safe rider and that it makes me happy.
She doesn't understand spending money on mods though but hey, at least I get to ride.

^^^You're not my neighbor, are you?
He's not my spouse (in the marriage certificate way) but he's the best because he can tolerate my OCD, enjoys a lot of the same things I do but still has his own things he enjoys, doesn't mind if I have girl's night with friends, enjoyed riding more than I do, is patient when I'm learning my bike and getting comfortable with it, rides sweeper so I don't get left behind when I'm the slowest (although I think he does that to look at my butt in leather), he's a big kid and loves to have fun and most important, because he loves me back.
She was the one who encouraged me to get the SV. She will ride with me when it gets above 50 degrees.
The best thing about her? She puts up with me. ;D
And apparently enjoys the occassional 6-way naked pile.
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