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which other bikes use the SV rear rotor size

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im trying to get my rear rotor ligntened, but the machinist in mind wont do SV's as i guess his CNC is istnt set up for it.

do you know which other bikes has the same sv rear rotor, ive found the hayabusa matches, do you know of any GSXR's that do. he said he can do GSXR's. its the first gen model.

or can you recommed someone that can do my rotors for a good price.

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Call Jimmy Chance at 912-232-5680 during normal business hours.
They lighten rotors, they typically have some on hand and just swap for your stock rotor.
Lots of models starting with the 93 GSXR 750, GSXR1100, Bandit, Katana, RFs, and all Busas. I'm 99% sure the bolt pattern is the same for just about any Zuk sportbike.
Just out of curriosity, why would you want to lighten the rotors? Are they that heavy that it will really help anything??
Street, no.. top level racing, yes. You need very little material on the rear to still be able to lock it up so if you're trying to shave some ounces, that's a good place to do it.
great find, thanks all.
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