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Which master cylinder should I go with?

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I planning on replacing my master cylinder and have a couple options right now. A Brembo radial is not currently an option. It will be used a SRAD GSXR-600 4 pot calipers.

1. 2003 RC-51 - $65 shipped

2. Ducati 900 SS - coffin style - $75 plus shipping

3. SRAD GSXR-600 - free
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I've gone from the original SV one, to a late-model Gixxer, to an RC-51, to a Brembo radial 19x20. There's no comparison, the Brembo is hands-down much better, and the RC-51 is a distant second. The bore diameter is a personal preference issue, not a situation where one is inherently "better" than the other. I find that I have better feel and control on trail-braking with the larger diameter bore that requires more lever pressure to stop (this is all relative, "more" pressure than the 19x18 Brembo, it's still 1-finger braking). With the larger bore, it's not that you can't modulate as well, you're just doing it with pressure instead of lever travel. I find that better for me, some other people prefer the longer travel to modulate with. Neither is right or wrong, it's all what you like.
I haven't used a conventional Brembo, so I don't know.
We have a gixxer radial on eBay right now, item# 4570127181.
FilthyRich said:
Radial racing master cylinder for dual disc brake front ends. The 19x20 model gives the stiffest brake lever, the 19x18 lever provides a little more feel, and a lighter pull on the lever is required.

this was taklen from:
any thoughts on that???
True, just don't interpret "Feel" to be synonymous with "Better" with the 19x18. It's more of a personal preference if you like to modulate braking power with lever travel or lever pressure. I prefer lever pressure, so the short-stroke 19x20 is great for me.
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