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I'm working on a 2000 SV650n I purchased three weeks ago. I've completed the normal tune-up procedures, but I cannot find an answer about two hoses. They look like vacuum hoses, but they are not connected to the sync ports at the base of the carbs. They are on the opposite side of the carbs from where the sync port is, and more on the top side of the carbs. They appear to channel to the TES valve, see pic.


In the service manual diagram, the hoses seem to join between the carbs, and are clipped together at the ends. I marked them in blue below.


When I removed my carbs, the front hose simply dangled down, and the one for the back carb was completely missing. Does anyone know what these hoses are for, and should I get them. And if I do, what do they connect to, if anything. Thanks for your help.


The hoses are part number 7 in this figure
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