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What's up from the frigid reaches of Wisconsin

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Ok, so I exaggerate for effect, however it is pretty cold out still.

Just bought my second bike, a 2005 SV650s with 14k miles and m4 pipe on it. Thing sounds absolutely BEASTLY, and when I compared with an 03 FZ1, 02 TT600, and a Buell Thunderbolt, I still went with the SV650 :) Picking it up in a week, so hopefully I'll have some pictures and some more favorable weather
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Uh oh, do I have another yellow in the area? I also have an '05 with an M4, even better in the cold, lol. Welcome.
I have a Blue in milwaukee... brr, cant wait for it to warm up and the salt to go bubye!
Sorry Ranger, all blue & black here :) Already looking at the full fairing for the bike and it's not even in my garage yet lol. I figure if I'm gonna be riding out to Whitewater to visit my friends (i'm in Kenosha) I'll want some extra wind protection, not to mention it just looks better lol.
If you go with OEM lowers, get a set of the new sliders from Motosliders. There are a straight up bolt on for the OEMs.
Welcome :) I used to ride the train to Kenosha,in the navy.
65° here today,took my doggie for a ride :)
I have a Blue in milwaukee... brr, cant wait for it to warm up and the salt to go bubye!
I can't wait either! Where in Mil-Town are you?
RRR ***Shakes fist at California members! It was 7 degrees yesterday morning, 7 f'ing degrees
40F + this afternoon, felt amazing to bad the parking lot re-froze as soon as the sun went down.
Luckily our water hasn't frozen over yet *fingers crossed* hopefully it stays like this and everything's gone by tuesday so I can drive the bike back instead of putting it in the back of my Ranger lol
I can't wait either! Where in Mil-Town are you?

Right smack dab down town, going to school at MSOE. You?
Just ordered a set of frame and swingarm sliders from ya putting the swingarms on this weekend!
I'm thinkin there's enough of us in the immediate area to take a ride once it's warm enough. We could rally up at the new Sonic ;D
Sounds like a good place to go! I'm only about 10 minutes away!
The day I bought my bike me and my dad were going to stop there, then we realized it was their grand opening and right at lunch hour, so we passed. Normally we drive to Champaigne IL every few months and bring burgers back haha. Bout time they built one here though.
We just got a Sonic here in Madison not too long ago. The have really good ice cream as well.
Yeah their shakes and ice cream are amazing. I didn't realize they built one in Madison already..should have went there last time I was in Mad town instead of Taco Bell >.<
It's out off University on the west side of town, I've not seen it yet personally but it will be a magnet this summer.
What!? They have one in Madison, too!? If I had known that I would've stopped there when I was at Ranger's last week.
I just drove there today hoping to get some lunch... bad idea, they have traffic people, and a staging area to park until you can park at the sonic to get food lol... rough
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