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Whats up from Cali!

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Hey my name is Taylor, I ride a 2006 Sv650s and i love it. Im trying to do more work on my bike myself so im probably going to have lots of questions for everyone!


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Hey mate, where about in Cali?

I'm up north in Santa Rosa.

Welcome to the board.
Welcome I just joined today, I live in Ca too, in the bay area near oakland and hayward.
If you live near by Im down to go ride I ride a 2005 sv650s

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Welcome. I'm also from up north in Sonoma county.
Nice another Cali rider, I dont see to many SV650 arround here but i guess since I just got mine I might not have been able to notice them before.
Also, depending on where you're at you may want to check this out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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