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Regarding a longer kickstand, just throwing out some numbers here... could help someone, I dunno

My Penske shock length is 338 mm (8 mm longer than stock)
I lengthened my kickstand by about 4 cm. Seems to me to be very good now - not too leaned over, plenty stable and not tippy.

1st try (mistake): I cut through just below the "L" bracket, and welded in a section (about 4 cm.) of steel tube. Oops. Angle of footpad was completely wrong.
2nd try: Stuck a thick section of all-thread inside the tubing, then glued inside with JB Weld (making sure to keep the welding surfaces clean).
Set the bike on the kickstand, adjusted the angle of the pad to correctly sit on the ground, then marked or taped the position.
Removed kickstand and allowed the glue to set. Welded, ground, painted, et voilá. Perfect. Stock look but stealth.

I love having the lengthened kickstand, it's definitely worth the trouble.
What I found when doing my suspension was,
Gen1 stock shocks are 338mm centre to centre,
The effect of changing dog bone is about 3:1 e.g. add 10mm to dog bog lowers 30mm, reduce by 10mm raise the rear 30mm.
I found on the net many putting shocks up to 50 mm longer.
I felt the standard kick stand with standard suspension is 10mm to short. So adding a bit to the kick stand isn't a bad idea.
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