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I have been throwing the idea of getting a new bike this year. With the tax break and prices going down in my area I have considered getting a new GSXR or (don't judge me) a new Triumph custom crusier. (Jackpot or Vegas 8)

I was wondering what you (not the blue book) think I should start asking for on a private sale of my SV.

It's a 00' Naked SV650 Red. 18K miles and very (super) clean. Two Brothers exhaust and fairly new Pirelli tires. I have matching red HJC helmets and black/red scorpion 3 layer jacket I thought could be a add on to the sale?

I may consider keeping the bike and just getting a second one also. If I was to get a crusier, it could be like I have an alter ego! I think one would be nice for heading to the cabin with a passenger and what not.

Thanks for the input guy (&gals);)
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