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What kind of cafe racer is this?

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Rihanna ft. Justin Timberlake - Rehab (Official Video)

JT rides up on a really cool cafe racer looking bike at the begenning of this video. I would like to know what kind of bike this started as. I'm sure it is some kind of custom job, but I think it looks cool.

(not a huge fan of either, but the songs not that bad)
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Take a look through the Cool Bikes thread and look for the tank badge!
Its hard to tell because the video is not too clear.

My thought is CB450 motor (or even a 350 looking at the cylinders), CB450KO Black Bomber tank and a mix of other bits ... Honda badge is missing from the video bike, but the indent for it is seen.

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I'd say its a honda or norton, one of those two.
I'm just glad they used something classy. they didn't use a hayabusa, or a harley or something else really cliché. Thanks everyone. I think it's a honda with a ton of custom work. The engin looks too small to be a 450, so I belive it's a 350. Thanks.
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