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What I got for Valentines Day ....

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... Owned. I was riding to check out a state park in NC, it was about an hour and half away. I was riding down a slow city street and almost to the park, when some old grandma in front of me slammed on her brakes (to make a u-turn I later find out ugh)!

I always thought that in an instance like this I would react well ... it turns out I didn't. I locked up both brakes while trying to swerve around cuz I basically paniced I guess. So I get tossed off the right side and the bike does a 180 and lands on the left side facing the opposite way. Thankfully I'm not hurt but my bike has seen better days ... and all this right after I finish my new paintjob (flatblack).

It is a learning experience because I know exactly what I did wrong; followed too close even on a slow road and wasn't paying attention as well as I should've been. :(

Here's the damage, I had my camera with me lol:

The sliders took most of the damage (none to the frame omg thank god), the road ground about an inch off! :eek:

And some cool scenery around the crash site ... because I just do that. ;D

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Bummer dude. Glad your ok and of course the bike is fixable. Live and learn and back to ride another day.
not too bad, glad you did ok
live and learn
Glad you're ok, my first crash happened in a similar manner. What you really did wrong was trying to brake and swerve at the same time. It's one or the other. But you learned and thats the important thing :thumbsup:
glad you're okay and hope you get your SV back up in running shape soon. i really like that matte black finish.
this is why i avoid old people, like the MF plague.
Did she even stop?

Glad you and your bike are mostly ok!
Ha, ha -- the scenery pics thrown at the crash site are pretty funny. Glad you didn't get hurt too bad and still have a sense of humor!
Ouch, sucky valentines day. Sorry to hear it man, hope the repairs aren't too intense.
Good to see you are not seriously hurt. I have done it twice! The first was much worse than the second. Learned from both.
glad you didn't end up with any major injuries. really wish people would pay a lil more attention to their surroundings (aka Miss U turn)
Thanks for the replies guys, yeah she did stop ... and was completely useless like I would have imagined. It was cool tho cuz there were a bunch of guys at the gas station near it who ran over to help ... and picked up the bike and everything. I swore at her and she went on her way lol.

I wished I would've gone through her window just to teach her a lesson. ;)
Hi WildPig, Glad that you're not hurt too bad, saw the scrape. The bike can be fixed. And the scenery pictures were nice!
Good to hear that you made it out ok, learn from it, fix the bike, and post pictures of the process.
Sorry to hear about your accident, although it could've been sooo much worse. Thank god for frame sliders, eh?

I just ordered a replacement shifter for my own bike, it's flat black (would match your paint job). I posted about it in the modifications forum (I think), you should watch for my updates to see how the install goes. Way f'ing cheaper than buying one from suzuki (23 shipped) and way easier than finding one from someone used on the forums (lol 3 weeks and counting). Hope it gets here by next weekend so I can install it.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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