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What fenders fit an '04 SVs.?

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I need a fender for my '04 S.. Will an '07 fit.? I'm sure it will be bid out of my range but there is an '07 on ebay right now thats why I ask..
Anything after '03 will fit right.?
thanks, Joe
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07 should work i have a front fender from the 2gen sv im looking to get ride of it came with my race body work so its just a primer color but i dont need it bc i have a gsxr frond end so let me know if your interested ill email you some pics thanks
Yeah, I'm interested.. How much shipped to 32179.. Ihave paypal or MO.. thanks man for the reply.. -Joe
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I've got a fender from a '03 model if you're interested. In silver. Perfect condition.
I got a fender off an 03 which is an aftermarket fiberglass one. Perfect condition, would need painted as it has a custom job on it now.

I need a front fender for a 00-03 gsxr. I would trade or buy right.

I can send pics.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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