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What does the wear indicator look like on Pilot Powers?

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I bought my '06 SV650S used last summer, the previous owner put Michelin Pilot Powers on it. I'm seeing the rear develop a flat section already because most of the riding I've been doing is on the highway. I've only ridden about 2,000 miles though, acceleration mostly at just-traffic-speed throttle, crusing at 65-70mph. But I want to ride a lot this summer and need to know if I should expect to shell out for new tires this year. So:

What's the wear indicator look like? I've asked two maintenance shops and they couldn't seem to give an answer. Seems like a basic question... :rolleyes:

I'd double plus appreciate any pics of an exposed wear indicator. Thanks! :)
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It's just a little bump.. you don't need that to tell you when your tires are worn though.. it's recommended that they be replaced when they are down to about 2mm of tread left..
Yeah that's basically how it's done or you can do the penny measurement way. The only time the tread depth really matters is when riding in the rain and inspection time.. until you see chords, the tire will probably still be safe enough otherwise
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