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Although I'm not a religious person at all, the thought of giving up a worldly pleasure for a lengthy amount of time has a certain humbleness to it.

And others would say its just stupid.

Goodbye internet. Tomorrow. Or maybe the next day...

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HEY-I forbid you to give up sex.

One of my work pals usually gives up meat for lent, so I bring him a sausage biscuit for b-fast every morning.

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I was raised in a Roman Catholic family. Every year it's the same crap: give up something for lent. Problem is, everyone gives up a vice or something else that would benefit their health and/or well being to give up. My grandfather give up drinking, some of my uncles give up smoking, a few others give up candy, TV, yelling, etc. At the end of those 40 days everyone is a bit healthier for their so called sacrifices. When their time is up, they go right back to it and in greater quantities. It's like a crash diet.

I told my grandfather once (whom I refer to as the Super Catholic) that I don't have any vices to give up. He said, "why don't you start drinking? I did it so I'd have something to give up for lent." Obviously he was being sarcastic bu the point still stood. I told him I was going to start seeing hookers.

I figure that if it's worth giving up, just continue to live without for the rest of the year. If you think you're going against the grain and making a commitment to DO something for lent, then do it all year (like exercising).

In all seriousness though, I'm going to lighten up on my soda and sweets. It has nothing to do with lent and my body will benefit from it.
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