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How many of you had a great day and went for a ride? My day started after hubby changed the oil in his Husky. Then we worked on my SV, putting on parts I've been getting the past couple of weeks. First, seat cowl, new smoke Puig windscreen, Techspec pads, and motosliders. Then out for a ride. Since this was my first ride of the season, we took it easy. Rode some nice back country roads. The only bad part was the gusty wind. Going past open fields would move me from the right side of my lane to the left side, even with tacking into the wind. A couple of times, I eased off the throttle because the gusty wind scared me. Stopped for a coffee, then rode home. Tomorrow we change the oil in my dirt bike, so we'll be ready to hit the trails as well. I know all you people in the south and out west don't quite feel our pain of winter weather. However, winters make us appreciate the nice weather even more.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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