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Well . . . (56K don't bother. now with photos)

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. . . since i'm sick of trying to dig the broken bolts out of the front cyclinder.

I'm going to take pictures of some ice stunting and ice racing today since it's sunny and 32F!

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Re: Well . . .

Now I have a bug to go buy a dual sport so I can ride all year round up here. Pictures to follow later.
Re: Well . . .

Just get a spare set of rims for the Mini-Wing and put some studded tires on them ;D
Re: Well . . .

As promised:

This kid apparently rides Flat Track with the Hayden Family. He's on a lowered DRZ.

He's not good at all.

One of our local racers (WERA) rockin' the Rockstar before riding.

Our local stunt guys were out there today as well practicing.

This is Will, loaned me the locking nut tool, he races up here as well.

Only his second time on the ice or dirt bike.

Talk about ruts:

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Re: Well . . .

One of the fastest guys in our region, Ken Olson. He's fast on the ice as well.

And some more fun photos:

Mike picking up the bike after lowsiding trying to stop in a corner.

I got yelled at for that shot. :laughing4:

This guy was ripping up the ice.

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Re: Well . . .

even more impressive when you consider his left leg is a prostetic(sp?)

I might have to make the long drive one of these weekends and check things out
Ryan can rock it on the pavement. See my photos on, I went to 4 of their shows last year. He's gotten really good at drifting with that Pingel shifter.
I feel cold after looking at those.

Also I want to ride.

Photos of snow/ice can be hard. You pulled it off nicely, Kelley. :thumbsup:
Man oh man that looks cold! Did i see a dog walking on snow? Mine wants up if the ground is damp from rain! Looks like lots of FUN. :)
So you live in the coolest place ever where people do this **** for fun, sweet. Looks like a blast, if a bit cold.
It was warm today, got to 35F. Heat wave for us. We haven't see above freezing temps for 30 days or more.
With spikes on I'd imagine it is much like dirt track riding.... but when it snows 6 months of the year.. people have to get their fix somehow...

I wonder... is there such a thing as motorcross on the snow? I suppose the spikes wouldn't hold up to the jumps very well.. but it would be interesting to see...
Cool pics, thx. 30 days below 32, that sucks.
Ice riding is awesome. With studs it is actually more like riding on the street than in the dirt. You can ride around with 100% traction and then it begins to slide very contrallably (not a word, but it fits). It is my new obsession until the ice melts.
I just noticed you're in Madison. Where did this take place? I'd certainly be up for a trip to watch this the next time you're out. Great pics!
Lake Kosknong in Fort Atkinson, WI. There are 8-10 places or so around here that have tracks plowed on the lakes.
looks like a blast! were those the guys at in that superbikes episode with the ice stunting?
Yes, Joey B and Ryan S.
Nice pictures Kelley. Mike said it, well done. I do like that filter.

Oh yeah, it looks like fun too.
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