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Wadded up ride, is now better than before...

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here's how she looked 5 weeks ago:

After several weeks of ordering parts ( edit: tank and rear plastics are 2008 ) and futzing with the install my baby is finally ready to be seen.
here she is on today's ride around the neighborhood:


close up of chopped Arata silencer:

The 18" long Arata can had a significant dent on the top where the mounting bracket pressed down on can while my bike was flipped upside down. I decided to chop the dented portion off and flip the sleeve so the back side is now the front. I really dig the minimalist look now. only thing I need now is a cool looking ti hanger. Anyone know where I could get a custom one made?

Thanks for looking.
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very nice man, that looks cllleeeaaannn! howd you get that big dent in the middle of the tank might i ask?
Your exhaust looks terrible. You should throw it away. I'll help you get rid of it. :p
which arata can is that? for the gsxr1000?
No, it was sold to me as a kit specifically for the 03-08 sv650. Though the silencer is probably capable of fitting pretty much any slip fitted midpipe with a 60mm OD.

The can was a major PITA to take apart btw. The spring retaining clips are fastened by four aluminum/stainless steel core rivets that are hard as heck to get bit centered on even using a drill press. All aluminum rivets are the easiest thing in the world to drill out. I hope I never encounter al/ss rivets like those again.

also I'd like to add that anyone doing a can chop do not hesitate to use a 4 1/2" angle grinder to cut the sleeve and inner core. obviously not at the same time. in this instance the core needs to be around 3/4" longer than the sleeve in order to fit properly. but i found the job of cutting to be much faster and easier using a 4 1/2" metal cut off wheel (1/16" thickness).
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wow it looks awesome! cleaned up real well. that pipe/can looks good. how does it sound?
sounds amazing. much louder all around with a great growl. It sounds like Thors hammer in an overpass.
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