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  • Boy Dirt Car

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Boy Dirt Car






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Achtung, the month I'm nominated for SVOTM I'm stuck in europe and can't take pretty pictures of the bike.

Some old stock:

Deviations from stock:
- Aztec8 5 3/4" dual headlights + flyscreen + fork brackets
- Aztec8 speedo mount
- Danmoto LED front signals
- Misc Chinese Integrated Tail light
- DIY fender eliminator
- DIY speedo sensor bracket + katana speedo sensor

- Galfer Wave rotors
- Galfer Superbike front braided brake lines
- Ferodo HH pads front & rear

- Resprung 06-07 GSXR600 front end + 05-06 GSXR1000 top triple + 06-07 GSXR750 front wheel +
- Resprung ZX10R rear shock (currently rebuilding a Penske double to replace this)

- Woodcraft rearsets + pedals + healguard + brake light switch
- GSXR clip ons
- GSXR clutch perch and GSXR M/C
- GSXR DIY 1/5 turn throttle tube
- SV controls
- Chinese Pazzo copy shorty levers (Rideit)
- Oxford heated grips
- Misc Chinese bar end mirrors
- Rizoma frame sliders
- Tech Spec tank grips

- Desnorkeled airbox
- Danmoto GP Extreme slip on + baffle
- 520 DID x-ring and a few sets of sprockets.. currently running 15/45

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Thanks for the nomination, guys. A couple more pics...

08/09 GSXR 600 Forks, Master Cylinder, Calipers, Fender, Lower Triple
06/07 GSXR 750 Front Wheel and Rotors
Hall Effect Sensor Speedo Mod
06 ZX10R Rear Shock
Renthal Ultra low 7/8" Gold Handlebars
Custom Machined Upper Triple (GJ Scott)
SS Spiegler Front Brake Lines
Moto-deluxe Bar-end Mirrors
Rizoma Zero-11 Turn Signals
Hamicad Fender Eliminator
Two Brothers Titanium Slip-on
R6 Throttle Tube
Steve's aTRE
SVRacing Parts Rearset Riser Plates
Tapeworks Reflective Wheel Stripes
Tech Spec C3 Tank Grips
Motosliders Frame and Swing Arm Sliders
Motovation Front Axle Sliders
PC/Painted - headlight ring, headlight brackets, gauge ring (TDB), radiator covers, passenger pegs, handlebar clamps
OEM Chin Fairing
Sargent Seat

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Thanks, guys! It's always an honor just to be nominated and in the company of so many white bikes this time! :)

My goal was to make a versatile bike: daily commuter; weekend twister; and touring champ. She's still a work in progress but has come a long way.

I had something like this in mind:

Came home with this:

And made it this:

She's not done yet <cough> bellypan <cough> among other things <cough> but here's the damage so far:


  • custom paint job – Alpine White 300
  • powdercoated hardware
  • reflective wheel rim stripes - dark yellow
  • DIY racing stripes
  • FE (Evotech)
  • OEM hugger
  • OEM radiator shrouds
  • OEM seat cowl
  • eBay mirrors w/ integrated turn signals
  • shortened signal stocks with clear lenses


  • Steve's aTRE
  • RideItMoto levers - shorties in black
  • Galfer stainless steel braided brake lines - white, front and rear
  • Tech Specs - snake skin
  • Sonic Springs - 0.85
  • slip-on exhaust - Leo Vince EVO 2 Ti
  • Penske triple clicker
  • Gilles rearsets
  • Osram Night Racer H4 bulb


  • SW-Motech luggage rack (top and sides)
  • Bags Connection tankbag ring
  • Givi A750 windscreen (touring)
  • SVRP clip-ons - 3.5" risers
  • QR tank pin and seat
  • Spencer's seat (
  • TeeRiver's garage remote wired to pass button
  • Givi V46 topcase with Admore Lighting harness (brake/turn signals)
  • Givi E360 sidecases
  • Throttlemeister
  • generic LED brake bar
  • angled valve stems
  • USB charger


  • eBay DR404 bellypan
  • Symtec heated grips kit

Haven't done anything but ride - and oil changes - this summer! ;D

Daily commuter:

Lightened up weekends:

Loaded up for touring:


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Man, tough vote!! Thanks again for the nomination everyone!

Hope that's a little better sized *edit* it is not. Can't find my dang camera anywhere.

*Leo Vince slip on
*2000 GSXR 750 front end conversion
*Speigler Stainless lines up front
*ZX14 rear shock
*De-snorkeled air box
*Vortex Clip-ons
*Vortex sprockets
*RK gold chain
*Double bubble screen smoked
*Audi R8 Ibis White
*Custom candy wheels
*Tech spec tank grips
*Removed rear foot pegs (unless I need 'em!)
*Suzuki solo cowl
*Started out all aluminum frame/subframe/swing arm, painted black
*All body and paint completed by yours truly

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Lots of Nakeds!!! Loving it! Voted!!!!

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Thanx for nominating me!


-Ricor Intiminator emulators
-EBC XC Rotors
-Vesrah RJL Pads
-Galfer Lines w/DOT option
-Traxxion fork guards
-CPI blue tint headlamp and Osram Rallye 70/65w bulb
-Suburban Machinery SM-2 bars and Progrip 699 Superbike Grips
-Ken Sean bar-end Mirrors
-GSG-Mototechnik levers
-Big Bike chin spoiler
-National Cycle F16 'Sport' windscreen
-M4 Full Carbon system (despite the Termi sticker ;) )
-Clear Clutch Cover and red retainers from nille (SVR)
-Spears lightend flywheel and Factory Pro 4 degree ignition advance key
-Bohemian Racing rearsets
-Great Day to Ride seat
-Gimbel cowl
-home-made fender eliminator
-Buell turn signals
-'03 636 rear shock
-Maviryk battery
-Suzuki rear hugger
-SuperSprox sprocket set and red RJ chain (stock "S" gearing)
-cheap ebay rear wave rotor

There's prob'ly more that I've missed but that's the bulk of parts I've attached to Betsy, now some pix!

Plus she 'hauls'! (Ready to leave for the '11 Rally)

Entire Album Here

Again, Thanx for the nomination.... looks like a tough month though, a lot of really cool bikes this month!

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• 06/07 GSXR 600/750 front end conversion
• Top triple clamp from Graeme
Driven front rotors
Ferodo Sintered Stac brake pads
Moto-Elite folding bar end mirrors
• R6 throttle
TechSpec Snake Skin Motorcycle Tank Grips
Exhaust Heat Header Wrap
Aztec8 7" Black Single Headlight Kit
Corbin gel seat
Two Brothers Black Series Slip-On M-2 Carbon Fiber canister
Elka Stage 4 Sportsbike Rear Shock Absorber
Jardine Supersport Fender Kit
• Delkevic Generic Quadrangle L.E.D. Indicator Set
• Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Front & Rear Tires
RK Gold Race Chain
Vortex Rear Sprocket - Black
• Black rattle can sprayed passenger pegs
Woodcraft Complete Rear Set w/Pedals
Platepuller license plate holder
Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn
CRG shorty clutch and brake levers

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day of purchase

Initial completion of the build

At Edisto Beach, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina

First off, thank you all for the support and nominations.
my sv started out as a pile of junk. only 5 bolts and one zip tie held the entire fairings and seat on. the rear brake pedal was broken, instead there was a hole drilled through what remained with a bolt and half a dozen nuts as a makeshift pedal. it had no front indicators and in the back it had these little led strips you couldn't even see at night.

After enlisting in the navy in May, 2011, I did not have accesses to my Sv, for some time, and while I had the down time and money not being spent, I decided to fund this little endeavor. It started out as just full fairing swap and ended up being a frame up rebuild with many new parts and some modifications to existing parts over more than 8 months. Now that the build is done and she has been hand delivered by my father(the primary builder while i was away) to my duty station in Charleston, she is getting plenty of riding time in sunny South Carolina.
Modifications(not including stock replacements due to wear or damage)
all powder coating done by Metroplex Kustoms
-fairing stay
-clip ons
-swing arm
-heel guards
-rear sets
-triple clamp

fairings from KG cycles
painted by Davis Rod and Cycle
zero gravity double bubble windscreen
ss steel braided brake lines
fork springs from SonicSprings
galfer wave rear rotor
frame sliders and rear spools from T-rex racing
M4 full exhaust
520 conversion
-15 tooth front
-45 tooth superlite rear
-DID 520 chain

mirrors with integrated turn signals
exhaust hanger
custom license plate hangar with integrated indicators

-rear seat
-rear grab bar
-passenger pegs

more pics to come, given i can borrow a decent camera, if not crappy cellphone pics to come

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I normally do not like the first gen faired SV but Fatpad's looks amazing! I love your color combo. Good job on the build. Looks like you put a lot of work into it. You've got my vote.
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