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Vortex Rearset Right Side Fitment Issues. Suggestions?

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I'll let the pics do the 'splaining.

I'm not able to move the pegs as high as I want them to because the rear master cylinder hits the subframe.

I've tossed some ideas around:

-get an '03 subframe. And Seat. And engine covers. etc, etc, etc.
-find some master cylinder that articulates a similar action to most yamaha r1's and r6's.
-leave it the way it is.
-buy new rearsets.

Any other suggestions?
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I think........I may have it solved. Thanks for getting the gears turning, Verbal. I'm thinking about having some spacers made to bring the peg/heelguard bracket combo doohicky OUT away from the bike. This just might work, I just hope the brake reservoir hose is long enough.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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