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This includes the L-Brackets, Pack Rack and Aero Delta Bag. these would run $403 from ventura bike. The bike was always garaged and babied. Most of the time the rack was NOT on the bike at all. I am selling the bike but if no one is interested in buying the bike I was thinking about selling off some of the extras to try and lower the price. I will make my decision in the next couple of days whether to sell the parts separately but if someone is interested please let me know! I would sell the lot for $200 including instructions, mounting hardware, rack, brackets and the delta bag with delivery via fedex ground to the lower 48. If you are interested, please let me know (and force me to make a decision to remove them)! Pictures are located here:

You can carry a LOT of gear in these bags! If you are going it alone you can turn the bag to sit on the rear seat so you can load the rack with a tent and sleeping bag or whatever. It makes your SV a touring machine! Thanks!
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