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Valve Adjustment

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Ive done valves on probably 100 motors, even an SV..

But they were all bench motors so far.

Im planning on doing mine soon but its also my DD so im just looking around for tips and tricks. What gaskets did you replace? or did you just work through the inspection covers? Pull the radiator? anything else?
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I moved the radiator but didn't take it off, so I didn't drain the coolant.

No gaskets needed, just take the valve covers off.

I pulled the fuel tank all the way off to get it out of the way and make it easier to get to the rear cylinder, but other than that it is pretty easy to get to.

I think before I did it I read through this writeup:

That with the service manual. It really wasn't to bad.

If you need to adjust them, then you'll have to deal with the cam chain tensioners, but you can get by without removing them.

Here's my writeup when I did mine:

Good luck.
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