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hi there.
i have a 2002 sv650. i am doing the first 15,000 mile valve adjustment. i was hoping somwbody had some advice or could answer my questions.

after checking the valves and replacing the shims with slighlty smaller ones (they were all a little bit tight), the engine now only rotates 360 degrees then stops (small clunk)
i'm pretty sure one of the valves is hitting one of the pistons.
i did make sure to line up the camshafts properly using the index marks, counting 16 chain pins over, etc. i thought i followed the instructions very closely.
when reading my CLYMER manual, it says to use the 'F' and 'R' marks on the alternator for adjusting the valves, but only the 'F' mark for the front AND rear camshaft installations.
is this a type-o in the manual or are the front AND rear camshafts to be installed BOTH in the 'F' postion indexed on the alternator? i installed the rear camshafts in the 'R' indexed postion.
I think this might explain the error in my ways. I hope the CLYMER book is right.
Has anyone else ever come across this problem or even know what i'm trying to explain?

thanks for any advice,
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