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using dogbones to lift the SV?

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I installed a GSXR750 shock a few years back and I was happy with it for a while. Now that I have a couple seasons of trackdays I want the bike to turn in quicker. The rear sits a little low with the GSXR shock and I cannot afford a Ohlins. Would using 0.5" or 1" lifting links be a bad idea? Would they cause the shock to become extended to it's max or close to it?
The suspension was set-up by a reputable local shop that has their own race teams. Since I'm only 140lbs(maybe 150 w/ gear) they had to back off the preload which meant backing off the spring as far as the shock would allow. The bike has handled and rode well since but lost that razor sharp turning ability b/c the rear lowered when the spring was backed off.
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