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Used or New...

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Sold my 02 sv650 (great bike). Want another one. New is close to $7-8,000. Used I can find nice ones for around $4,000.

Asking opinions from experienced sv owners about differences/preferences btwn buying new versus used - thoughts? horror stories? shouts of praise?

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I bought new in 2006. Buy used if you are confident in your ability to check out a used bike, or fix any minor issues. I am not much of a DIY guy....maybe oil changes and small I bought new.

Buying used you can save a couple grand at least. And you can always find somebody like me. I just sold mine for $4K, and only 6,000 miles, lightly ridden for commuter and weekend jaunts, never down, etc. The only issue is that you may have to wait longer than you want to find this bike. Its up to you whether its worth the couple thousand bucks to have the enjoyment of the bike when you want it, versus waiting. I figure i "lost" a couple thousand buying new, but I had about $5K worth of fun, so its all good! WOOT!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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