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hey all, i thought i posted, but can't find it today.

anyway, i'm looking at an SV650s. really clean stockers go for about $3500 around where i am. i don't really care so much for super clean ones, i'd rather save a few buck on a mechanically sound bike that looks "decent." minor rash OK, cracked or mismatched fairings would be a bit uglier than i'm interested in.

anyhow, i found a silver (seems to be harder to find, and i like that color) s model for $2700. it's got a Yosh pipe and pods. from the test ride, it seems to have been properly jetted for the set up. it's also got new sprockets and chain. it has Vortex rearsets, which are nice, but might take some getting used to (position felt odd, esp for shifting).

the bad: crappy aftermarket LED turn signals and a weird brake light "add on" that is ugly and useless. these are both hooked up to some kind of LED controller black box. the OEM signals are history, i don't know about the blinker relay. it also needs side covers and the plate holder's a joke and the rear fender is all hacked up (owner was too cheap for a proper undertail?). also the tires are OK for now, but will probably won't make it through the upcoming season.

considering i want to rip out that LED black box (partially b/c i have no idea if it's wired up right, or what all it controls), tidy up the undertail, get some sidecovers eventually, and look into getting one of those rack mount/grab rail replacements (Givi or SW Motech), is this bike STILL a good deal?

on the one hand, i'm saving over $500 from what i might normally pay for a nice stocker PLUS i get the pipe i want (i like Yoshimuras) and it's already jetted right (i don't know how much better/worse pods are). but all those things i have to do to bring the bike back under control from those not very well done lighting mods, etc.

any thoughts?
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