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I have a upper triple clamp for an SV that allows you to use a 1 piece handlebar (instead of clip-ons) with a GSXR fork swap without having to drill holes in the GSXR triple clamp (sketchy!).

I bought this in 2016 from a guy named Scott who was selling these for a while on the forum, but from what I understand is not making them anymore. I can't remember all of the dimensions of the triple clamp, but it works for my 03 SV650 with 08 GSXR600 forks (50mm upper clamp diameter I think). I am not 100% sure if it works on 99-02 bikes. The ignition switch is located correctly for the 03 and up bikes to have a functioning steering lock. There are mounts on the underside of the triple clamp that allow you to mount up the stock gauges.

I used this for about 2 years, but switched back to clip-ons because I was using the bike on the track more than on the street, and I figured someone could use this. Overall it is good shape, other than a very small dent at a corner in the front where the gauges mount.

Im looking for $175obo shipped and would be willing to throw in the 7/8" bar mounts for an extra $10.
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