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Updating Ghost Boot CD!?

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Apparently this seems to be the most pain in the ass thing to do...or it's supposed to be super secretive for some reason, because I can't find poop on this subject on google.

Anyway. At the office we got a new model of PC we are deploying, problem is it has a new network driver and our current Ghost boot CD (11.5) does not have the correct driver set.

"Supposedly" there is a way to slip new drivers into the Ghost CD image but finding out exactly how to do that has been a chore. The only guy who knew how to do it in our office left a while back. We haven't this come up in a while.....

Anyone!? Anyone? Bueller..?
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If I remember correctly (and its been a while). When you run the ghost boot disk wizard (to create a new CD) I believe you had the opportunity to add a custom driver(s). I think you just needed to have the new driver unzipped into a directory and make sure it contains the .inf file. its been a while though so I can't tell you for sure this still works in your version.
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