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Universale Fairings.. Experiences anyone.?

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So I'm looking for a street fighter type headlight / mini fairing combo.. I see a bunch on ebay and from fly-n-cycle.. Most of them are not DOT approved and have 35w bulbs.. I'm wondering if 55w bulbs would melt stuff.. Some don't even have high/low beam.. Some mount with rubber bands..
All in all they seem cheap.. In price and quality.. But I'm on a budget and I have no headlight on my SVs and thats all thats keeping me off the road so I'm looking for anyone's experiences with these street fighter universal fairings..
Any to stay away from or any that are recommended would be great info.. I'm currently leaning toward a closeout on ebay FROM fly-n-cycle, its a raptor for $25.. The cheapest by far but it doesn't included signals or brackets (for 25 bucks who cares) its got high/low and twin 35w bulbs.. Item number: 370159444042.. I can't find a review of it, or any of them..
I might go the regular headlight + flyscreen approach if I can find a setup cheap enough.. I may have a regular headlight that will work but flyscreens are more then these complete headlight fairings so..?? We'll see.. Your comments will impact my decision I'm sure..
thanks, joe
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