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Hello everyone...

2006 SV650s

I have confirmed that I have coolant leakage at the Union part that goes into the engine from the coolant hoses. Both front and rear were leaking. I replaced all of the components and hoses, including these unions and the o-rings because of the age of the bike. When I removed the unions, both were covered with black gunk that i assume was some sort of silicone gasket material. I cleaned everything up and reassembled without using any gunk, just the new unions and o-rings. Both unions still leak! Tried using some Form-a-Gasket goop (against my better judgement) which also didn't work when reassembled.

Anyone have such an experience? My thought is to use more goop of a better "filling" quality but it seems odd that I'd need to use junk like that.

Any suggestions?

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