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$450 shipped (w/in US) or best offer

This is a Two Brothers VALE slip-on exhaust with an aluminum M2 style canister and the accompanying Juice Box fuel controller. These parts came installed on my 2007 SV650. I've decided not to keep the SV, so I'm selling off the mods before I sell the bike. Much like the Ohlins shock, I noticed a big change (for the worse) when I reinstalled the stock muffler and removed the Juice Box. The stock can is so heavy. I can definitely feel the added weight on the rear end. And it's too quiet. I always wear earplugs and now I can barely hear what the engine is doing. The throttle response is clearly muted now, too. The bike just feels slow. If I were keeping the SV I couldn't stand running it like this. Here's what it looked like on the bike:

I'm not a fan of loud exhausts but I really like the sound of this one. Here's an otherwise identical "Black" version on YouTube:
And here is the VALE slip-on manual showing where to cut off the stock pipe, and a dyno chart comparing the VALE slip-on to stock. Presumably the fuel controller provides further gains.

The Two Bros Juice Box is designed specifically to work with this exhaust, which is why I'm selling the two as a package. (If no one bites I will consider selling them separately.) The website only shows this controller for the 2007 and 2008 SV650, but like the PC3 it will work on any dual spark (2007-2010) SV650---whether the naked SV650 or the faired SV650S/SF. You'll notice the absence of tuning software with the Juice Box. That's because you don't need software. This is a plug and play installation. It is preloaded with the correct map for the VALE slip-on. If you must, you can manually tweak the settings via buttons on the unit. It's all explained in the Juice Box manual. But honestly, if you anticipate the need to make additional fueling changes, you should just get the Juice Box PRO or a Power Commander.

PM me with your questions and reasonable offers. I think the price is already fair so don't try and lowball me.
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