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This was very simple to do, even with basic wiring skills. I did it on my 2nd gen.

Take out your running light bulb and go to an autoparts store. Since it is clear, you will want to get an amber colored one. Switch out both of the bulbs. I bought a set of flush LED turn signals to replace the stock ones.

To wire it up I just cut the wires on both the blinker and running lights. Run the blinker wires to the running lights, and running lights to the blinkers. Polarity didnt seem to matter. I used those wire connecters that plug in together so if i want i can switch it back to the stock setup in seconds.

It does change the resistance so the blinkers will blink a little faster.

Overall i like it better. You can ditch those stalk blinkers and it looks better. Plus the visibilty is better compared to running flush mount blinkers.

It passed inspection like this in West Virginia. Both State and at the DMV to get my endorsement.
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