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ok so my buddy is in MMI and he says that a sv can be turbo for around 2GS
Yes, it "can be turbo".

No, it "not be worth it".

I really, really hope MMI isn't wasting students' time on stuff like this. They should be training people in the basics and laying out concepts that students will use daily when they get into the workplace.

It's tough to understand what is and what is not practical and appropriate modding until a person has some real-world experience under their belt....


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well we can discuss.
what kind of fuel solution you thinking? (microsquirt/AEM/EIC)
best pipe diametor? (1.5" or 2") (hot/cold side)
run a IC or meth?
spark adv?
manifold on front rear or remote?

in reality it should caost considerably less than $2000 if you do it right
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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