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I've been troubleshooting my brakes, and want to check my reasoning is right.

The problem is my brake lever feels soft. However, the brake response is very linear, the more you pull back, the harder it brakes. If I pull back on the lever, and keep it pulled back, it doesn't get soft after a while.

I've vacuum bled the system several times, and I have a bleed valve on the MC, so at this point I'm sure it's bled correctly. It also has new fluid.

The pads are new, have been broken in, and the rotors were scrubbed and cleaned.

The rotors were checked with a dial indicator and are not warped.

I rebuilt my calipers, so it's all new pistons and seals. While at this point I'm suspicious of everything, I don't think they were rebuilt wrong, simply because it's not that complicated; two seals each bore, lubed with brake fluid, and then squeeze the piston in by hand.

The bike has Goodridge braided steel lines, which are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. While I haven't been able to test them, the chances of them being an issue if very small.

The MC is off a Ducati Supersport, and at this point my theory is the MC is too small. In other words, it's giving me a lot of mechanical advantage, but has really increased the lever pull. I think the fact I had a couple seized pistons in the calipers (hence the rebuild) was masking the problem before, since it was effectively reducing the piston area on the slave side of the system.

At this point, instead of spending $100 buying another MC of another bike and hoping it works better, I'm thinking of just dropping the $325 on a Brembo RCS radial master cylinder, since I know it will work properly with my setup.


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With so many changes in the system (different than stock, that is...), it's hard to pinpoint the location of the actual problem. When you put this together, was it in stages, or all at once (to help troubleshoot)?

Have you started swapping stuff back to stock to see if it improves anything? Brake lines, MC, etc. Just a thought, but how is the fit of the brake line to the MC? What kind of connection is it?

Could it be a mismatch in hardware, causing a misalignment, pinching or blockage somewhere? Example: Using the wrong MC bolt (too long or too short) will result in decreased or no flow of brake fluid. The hole through the bolt has to be aligned with the banjo fitting (if your setup has one).

Sorry, but that's all I can think of. Good luck.

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