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The timing is retarded in all the lower gears, yes, but only in the first 1/2 throttle opening. Crank it wide open and the timing retard is not in effect.

There are many, many threads on this subject. And many people will also tell you that you can make your own for less than $2. The price of Ivan's TRE is very expensive for what it is. The hype on their website is just that... a lot of hype. It's not going to turn your SV into a neck-snapping wheelie machine. Some people will say that you won't actually be able to notice the difference.

nickgreen made a bunch of them for the SV650 and sold them at a reasonable price in this thread. I bought one and found a very slight improvement in throttle response. There is no appreciable boost in power or acceleration. Just a small improvement in throttle smoothness and a little quicker response. If you can get one cheap, or make your own for a few bucks then go for it. Otherwise, take the ~ $100 Ivan is asking and spend it on your suspension.

Check this thread too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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