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Got a 2017 SV650 in November with the intention of using primarily on the track. The bike was used with 9400 miles on it.
Great condition with no known issues whatsoever.
I added the usual aftermarket components (air filter, exhaust, clip-ons, etc) and took it to Jennings GP a few weeks after getting the bike. The bike was a blast, even with the Dunlop Q3s. Suspension was vague to say the least and keeping the bike on the 'race line' was a struggle.
Brought the bike back in one piece and started the track bike project. See progress below:


Stock trim


K&N air filter


Stock exhaust gone.

Didn't take a picture with the new exhaust. This yoshimura stock photo


Tech Spec pads


First try on the track. Took the headlight off and installed a motocross number plate I had laying around. Also changed the brake lines.


Stock Q3s were a little scary. But good enough to make sure I liked the bike.


Fairing stay installed.


Paint work begins. I hate painting, probably because I suck at it.



More to come.

'07 SV650S, '05 Ninja 250
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Beautiful bike.

Although maybe a little of that money should have gone to suspension??
I couldn't help thinking the same thing but I see the front end may not all be as it was from the factory. Perhaps Trackster1k is one of those lucky few for whom the factory rear shock is sprung perfectly! :D
I probably would still make the Ohlins upgrade if I were going this far but I bet that's on the list.

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  • Who makes the fairing stay
  • Who makes the fairing kit - Edit: I zoomed in and saw its a hotbodies kit
  • How would you rate the durability of the fairing kit? Any major fitment issues? Looks like it kinda sticks out at the back end (pointy part) of the fairing.
  • The yosh full system has different routing than stock. Any issues with clearance with the fairing?
I'm actually working through my head the possibility of buying a gen 3 sv and making my own gen 3 "S" model for street use.

Answers to questions above would help greatly.

Thanks and nice build!
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