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One thing on the clutch cable--if you're considering going with different clipons in the future with no rise (I think stock clipons are like 45mm rise), you'll likely need an aftermarket clutch cable. The stock one will bump up against the gauge cluster/headlight holder meets up with the frame at the streering head. I ran into this after I installed Woodcraft no-rise clipons. I think Motion Pro has a few options that work. The one I ordered from TWF had an elbow whereas I think most people get the one without. The replacement was long enough that I would hazard a guess it'd work with both rise and no-rise clipons--it just routes differently and comes out the to the right of the steering head (brake lever side) as opposed to the left (clutch lever side).

If this isn't a future consideration, then just ignore.

This is (well, I'm fairly certain) the stock routing.
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Whereas this is how I had to have it routed in order to have unimpeded movement from side-to-side. I pulled the tank up and removed the airbox to find a nice place to route it. It's nice and smooth now.
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I also did a double take when I saw the spring supplier wasn't Sonic Springs, hah.
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