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Tourmaster heated Jacket is busted!

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Ok so I bought a tourmaster synergy heated jacket liner and I was immediately in love! Ive had it about a month and have worn it a total of 3 times. This morning was 28 degrees in SC and I rode 50 miles to work with it, a t shirt, and a joerocket ballistic jacket on. Anyway, When i went out for lunch today I noticed that the temp controler was going crazy, The light would go from high to medium to low and then back, Flashing crazy like it had a short in it or something. WTF! Ive only worn this thing 3 times! ugh, has anyone else had this probalem. i really like the jacket but to have this kind of problem after 3 uses is ridiculous. I just sent an email to tourmaster asking what i should do.
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i had to have 2 controllers replaced, both were the original design. I haven't had a problem since. Supposedly its easier to get the controller by yourself than through the shop, but i went through my shop for the replacements.
how did you get it replaced through the shop? You had to do 2? man thats crazy, I mean I paid $160 for it while the ones at cycle gear are $200 then another $100 for the controller, but serious WTF, I figured it was a safe buy as they also make cortech and all i have read are good reviews.
i didn't have to pay for either of the replacement controllers, my local shop has a good relationship with their company rep. the first run of controllers had some design problems.
There is a reason why it's at the price point it is. The controller is one of thsoe reasons. It's nicely made, but not bullet proof. There has been a rash of the controllers breaking. But Tourmaster stands behind their product and will replace them no problem.

I have had my Tourmaster vest now for two riding seasons with out an issue. Best money I have ever spent on increasing my riding pleasure.
I bought it a international motosports in charlotte. Guy has been super helpful, He just wrote me and said tourmaster will replace the controller. Not sure how long it will take, but If you are in the charlotte area check out I think they also run a website. so far Ive bought two helmets, a pair of gloves and this synergy from him. Ive been super stoked on all my purchases. Guy also rides a suzuki v strom.
Call Tourmaster, a new controller will be in your mailbox by Friday. I have the vest and gloves. Both had controllers replaced and I received the new ones in about 3-4 business days.
These problems (coupled with the high price of purchasing them) are why I built my own.

No failures yet, and I treat mine horribly. Then again, there's nothing to break. Just a plug.
i thought about building one myself but i cant sew and figured i also didnt want to run the risk of having it shock and or catch me on fire.
i thought about building one myself but i cant sew and figured i also didnt want to run the risk of having it shock and or catch me on fire.

Well, you really can't call what I did "sewing". More like "cursing and rearranging the vest and wire for two hours". I did use a sewing machine, and got it done, but it isn't pretty.

You won't shock yourself if you don't cut the wire. If you do cut the wire will sewing, just wrap it in tape.

You won't catch on fire. ~46' of 24AWG will get you about 55W of output at 13V. Put a 7amp fuse inline and you'll be safe.
Update; So the shop guy wrote me and said he would have a new controller by friday. Well I had sent an email to tourmaster last friday as well, i never got a response which I thought was weird but yesterday I got home & a new controller was sitting on my doorstep. that was fast & easy. I checked & my spam filter had caught the email they sent me telling me they had sent one out. tourmaster has awesome customer service.
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