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Total Control ARC

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A couple members have expressed and interest in attending a Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic at the Rally. You can see details about the class from the web site at For the last two years I have traveled to Deals Gap from New York and with the help of the folks at Fontana Village, P&J Construction and Ron & Nancy from Tail of the Dragon I have offered and taught the classes. I started doing it for the FZ1 Owners association of which I was a member. I opened up enrollment to others and have had several members from here take the class. A couple even posted up thier thoughts on the class, you can view there thoughts here.

So if you have an interest in attending a class during the SV Rally Post up in this thread and let me know. Dates would be during the week in the days prior to the Rally, Like Wednesday or Thursday limited to 12 students per day. If there is enough interest I will start the process to get the wheels in motion to organize and schedule the classes.

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Big-time interested. I'm sure you'll find enough people here to build a class, or two.
Offer the level 2 course! :angry4:

BTW, I took his first year class and the difference it made in my riding was incredible.

Left hand turns used to terrify me, I almost got my head popped off from a Ford Ranger headlight cause I was near the center line with my body and head in the other lane.

Class taught me how to pre-set the bike so it wants to turn for you. Awesome two by four across the head that I really needed to get to the next level of riding!

Now about that Level 2 Total Control course .... :angry4:
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Definitely interested. I too have trouble with left-hand curves. Always turn in too early, dontcha know.
no race compound tires even if they are dot aproved? id have to pay for a class and tires. since my name is dave too, can i get a discount? but then again you didint post a price, that means its FREE. ok im in
Ok, Lets me try to answer some questions, Price of the classes has varied at different sites ranging from $295 to $375, but I have always managed to keep it at $295, and two years ago I did a group price for the FZ1 Date with a discount for members. Worked out great for our Maryland class and the Robbinsville Class. I will do my best to make the Price $295 or less. If I can fill two classes it comes out to a break even for me with my trip expenses, assistant coach, facilities cost and of course my travel and trip coasts. Basically I end up with an expense paid trip out of the deal!

We do have a local site up in Maryville now so I will have to coordinate with Wayne and make sure we are on the same page and I do not step on his toes etc. Would like for him to assist me with the classes etc. We would still most likely be holding the classes in Robbinsville.

As for Level II In order to do that we would have to have enough people who have completed level I or do a combined class, Level I on Tuesday, Level I on Wednesday and then a level II class on Thursday. Would there be enough people interested to make that happen?

Post up folks thoughts, idea's etc. I will see what we can arrange etc.
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Definitely interested here!

I couldn't make the one you did at the rally last year (my first rally), and was hoping you'd do one this year. :)
You won't regret it.

Can't find a better place on earth to actually practice what you learned there.

He promises that at the end of the class you will be able to teach yourself ... I heartily agree.

Now if he can get that crazy son of an upside down m/c rider to teach the class with him and his buddy ... :thumbsup:

He ... Lee Parks ... actually gave a class a month ago with no range exercises in the area ... I found out about it too late. <pout>
I am so in! I was wanting to take a total contrrol course this year and was just starting to look for ones close to nashville. Please let me know the details as they become solid.
Just talked to a friend how rides an FZ (yeah I know.. fizz head) who is very interested in taking the class as well. So that's at least two here from Nashville who are interested and possibly a third if my girlfriend is still in country by then.
Starting to get the makings for a couple classes the week of the rally. I will continue to watch and provide details and when we have enough interest I will start to collect the information and get people signed up on the official list for the days we have selected! So keep posting up.
Dave ran a really nice class at the the FZ1 rally in 2007. I personally didn't attend the class but a few close riding buddies said it was great. You could probably read a good thread about it on the Just props from one of the Fizz Heads. LOL :)nana: TomServo)
We have officially scheduled the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic classes. I just got off the phone with Wayne and he has reserved the site for our use in Maryville. Before we did it in Robbinsville, but now we are at the other end of the Dragon as Wayne has a good site there and we do not have to disrupt the business at P&J Contruction.

So for those that are interested in taking the class you can sign up with Wayne at

We are holding a class on Wednesday June 3rd and a second class on Thursday June 4th. So plan to come to the rally a day early and join us for a class. Price and all details are on the web site. I will again be traveling from New York to be there in person to teach the classes and plan to have lots of fun!! If there are more people who want to attend we have the option to increase the classes from 12 per day to 18, but for now I would like to keep it limited to 12 students per day.

Also please post up here if you will be attending so members know who will be there and we can plan to have a good time etc. Once you are signed up post up!!
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Will keep this in mind, all depends on funds.
Just checked, the correct June dates are not up on the list.
Just checked, the correct June dates are not up on the list.
I spoke with Wayne a little while ago, he was going to get the dates added, He was still on the road at the time so they should be added to the list later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Sorry for the confusion.
I don't see dates listed yet either for the Rally date ( I know he'll be adding them) but I did notice that classes will start in March. I 'm considering taking that one (cause I'm impatient) and maybe taking the second class at the rally.
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