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Just wanted to do a quick review on the Matte Black and Matte Red TMS and PGR Dual Visor Helmets (found on ebay). I know these helmets are super cheap and I decided to give these a shot due to their price point. Reason for reviewing two helmets from different brands is, I ordered a Matte Red from TMS and they sent me a Matte Black one instead. Besides logos, they appear to be the same construction. The shape of the shell and venting is almost identical to some of the Bilt helmets you can find at Cycle Gear right now, minus the vents at rear of the helmet.

Overall construction seems to be pretty good considering the $32 retail price. The PGR does sell for a bit more for some reason. These helmets are DOT approved. First observation was the helmet is notably lighter weight than the KBC I also ride with.

Wind noise is medium to high. I ride with ear plugs, so generally noise isn't an issue.

These helmets run a size big. I ordered a Medium and it fits like my Large KBC.

The dual visor is a cool idea, but the quality of the internal visor could be better. The internal visor in the matte red PGR helmet is blemished which diminishes visibility. BUT, since the visor doesn't tuck all the way into the top of the helmet, it offers about a centimeter of tint at the top of the helmet which generally blocks the sun riding during rush hour.

The padding on the inside isn't bad. It had some spots that put pressure on the back of my head, but those seem to be changing shape to fit better.

One thing I like about the helmet is the peripheral visibility is pretty good, better than my KBC. The visibility reminded me a lot of the Shoei X-11 and the AGV K3. By no means am I comparing the quality to those brands.

The dual visor from PGR came with a chin strap button, the TMS did not. The finish on these helmets is kinda cool. It's a bit rubbery, not dry and rough.
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